Overview - Vista Plus Screen

Vista Plus Screen

The Vista Plus Screen comes in numerous variations that can be fitted to entrance doors, patio doors, single, double, outswing, and inswing doors.

Moreover, thanks to a revolution in screen technology, you can enjoy the benefits of maximum insect protection along with unrestricted entry.

The Vista Plus Screen. The last word in retractable screens.

Maximum size
Single sliding
Width : up to 1100mm ( 43 5/16" )
Height : up to 2500mm ( 98 7/16" )
Double sliding
Width : up to 2200mm ( 86 5/8" )
Height : up to 2500mm ( 98 7/16" )
Recessed (Inside) mount, Outdoor side/ Indoor side, Single/ Double

Frames : Aluminum

Mesh : Fiber glass



It could be a little bit different from the real color.


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