What is pleated mesh?

Pleated mesh was originally developed as a compact way to keep insects out but has been gaining popularity for its decorative design. The pleats have been manufactured to hold their shape for many years using Seiki’s extensive experiences.

Can Seiki’s retractable screens be installed on already installed doors?

Yes, all our products are designed to be installed even after homes have been constructed.

How is product testing carried out?

All products are tested more than 10,000 times during development using cycle tests for durability, wind resistance tests, drop tests, and shipping tests. Also, products are inspected during each step of the manufacturing process and are tested to ensure proper function and inspected for damage and stains before packaging. These extensive tests help ensure the high quality of Seiki’s screen doors.

Which products can accept replacement mesh cartridges?

The Vista ScreenVista Plus ScreenVista Integrated Brick Mold ScreenMonarch ScreenMonarch Plus Screen, and Monarch Maxi Screen doors all accept replacement mesh cartridges. The screen does not need to be completely replaced if the mesh happens to get damaged.

Can any screen doors be installed on double doors?

he Vista ScreenVista Plus Screen, and Monarch Screen doors are installable on double doors using 2 single screen doors and the Double Door Link Kit, sold separately. The Monarch Plus ScreenVista Integrated Brick Mold Screen, and EZ Screen doors can be special ordered and made to fit double doors. The Monarch Maxi Screen door can be fitted to any door regardless of width.

Are any screen doors installable on sliding patio doors?

Installation as-is is difficult in most situations. Most cases involve adjustment of the door using shim.

How should I take care of the pleated mesh?

For daily care, tap the dust off lightly with a duster, and then wipe the screen using a damp cloth or sponge. Place your hands on both sides of the screen and wipe the mesh vertically along the pleat line as if kneading it. Accumulation of dust, debris, and pet hair may cause rough opening and closing or other problems. Regularly remove accumulation by using a vacuum cleaner. When door becomes very dirty wipe using a damp cloth that has been soaked in lukewarm water and mild detergent, then wipe using a damp cloth soaked in clean water.